Your Love is Beautiful 

There was a time in my life when I was pretty sick. Couldn’t work, lost heaps of weight, and on a super restrictive diet. Raised all sorts of questions, like what was my self-worth when I couldn't 'contribute' to society? I think the answer arrived in this song... like an arrow pointing to the truth. Because in the end, we can never earn our worth. It is given to us, a free gift. And yesterday when I filmed this on my phone, the sun beam arrived just as I began. Which is kind of special, because the lyric says "You are like the sun Lord, and I’m standing under your rays"  -Eden.

Playing back in the UK again 

It's been great to share my songs and lead worship again at St Paul's Crofton recently!  Looking forward to speaking at Addlestone (St Paul's again!) next Sunday July 16 and again on Aug 27 - and leading worship there on Aug 27th. 

Glimpsing the New Order... 

With this video I wanted to capture the theme of heaven coming to earth, and of us catching glimpses of that... I could think of none better than these striking images from Australian photographer Donovan Wilson, which he gave me permission to use...

Recent gigs! 

I had a great opportunity to share my songs and talk about my journey at St Paul's Orpington on Sunday Night. A very warm community - who have inspired me to record some of my earlier gospel tracks too! Special thanks to Rev Bimbi, Anthea and all, for the welcome they gave us.

Together with recent slots at St Paul's Addlestone with their great band, this has been a timely opportunity to get back into music recently - just as we prepare to cross the waves on new life adventures...

"An album that is at once challenging and encouraging, joyful and moving" 

My new CD, The Inbreaking, has just been reviewed by Nils von Kalm at Soulthoughts. It's also been published in Sight Magazine and at John Mark Ministries. Here's an excerpt:

'Eden’s music is a breath of fresh air in a world of Christian music that is largely manufactured for marketing purposes. Albums like The Inbreaking are strangely reminiscent of many of the old Christian hymns, not for their musical style but for their earthy, genuinely Christian theology. 

The title and opening song of the album illustrates this eloquently. A song about the inbreaking of the kingdom of God in Jesus, it strongly reflects the hope of the outbreaks of God’s reign on earth that are being seen across this weary world. 

This is ultimately what this album is all about. It is an album of hope, containing songs of the future vision – indeed songs of a new day – when the old order of things will have passed away and there will finally be no more tears and no more pain. ' 


You can read more by Nils von Kalm here

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Despite everything,

something special is taking place,

right now

in the middle of this world.

A new order

is breaking into our midst.

We only need eyes to see and ears to hear...

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"This is an album of prophetic imagination. Throughout the songs, Parris inspires us to dream of a better world, a world that is not just a pipe dream..."
                                                                                                                                          - Read review of Rumours of Hope