Eden Parris

Eden Parris is a singer-songwriter from Australia living in England. 

'This is an album of prophetic imagination. Throughout the songs, Parris inspires us to dream of a better world, a world that is not just a pipe dream...'   Read a review of Eden's CD 'Rumours of Hope' here

After co-founding and performing in two original bands in Sydney, Eden led gospel music for several years in both Sydney and Melbourne. During this time he also worked as an advocate on behalf of the marginalised. This included those facing homelessness, drug addiction, mental illness, and he also advocated for asylum seekers and especially the rights of people with little or no speech. Eden's songs began to be shaped by these experiences, and especially what he encountered through them, which he describes as 'another order of reality.' He completed his first solo album, RUMOURS OF HOPE in 2010.

For several years Eden performed as part of The Second Chance trio featuring Luke Hawkins and Patrick Lyons. In 2013 they released their album THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD, which features African djembe, double bass and vocal harmonies adding unique textures to the songs. 

In 2013 Eden was a top 5 finalist in the Australian Songwriters Association competition for his song 'Eleven Long Years'. Some of his songs are sung at churches in Australia.

Eden's album, THE INBREAKING, was released in November 2015 and features 11 new songs, with inspired performances by Helen McCrimmon, Luke Hawkins, Patrick Lyons and Hugh McDonald.