"An album that is at once challenging and encouraging, joyful and moving"

My new CD, The Inbreaking, has just been reviewed by Nils von Kalm at Soulthoughts. It's also been published in Sight Magazine and at John Mark Ministries. Here's an excerpt:

'Eden’s music is a breath of fresh air in a world of Christian music that is largely manufactured for marketing purposes. Albums like The Inbreaking are strangely reminiscent of many of the old Christian hymns, not for their musical style but for their earthy, genuinely Christian theology. 

The title and opening song of the album illustrates this eloquently. A song about the inbreaking of the kingdom of God in Jesus, it strongly reflects the hope of the outbreaks of God’s reign on earth that are being seen across this weary world. 

This is ultimately what this album is all about. It is an album of hope, containing songs of the future vision – indeed songs of a new day – when the old order of things will have passed away and there will finally be no more tears and no more pain. ' 


You can read more by Nils von Kalm here

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